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Why Small Group Strength Training? (SGST)

What does Strength Training look like and what does it do

for you?

Strength Training is a slower format than Conditioning and involves lifting, pushing and pulling weights (resistance) through a series of controlled mechanics.  Strength Training requires focus, dedication, and adequate rest between sets and strength days.


People often mistake the slower pace as being less valuable for weight loss than conditioning. This is FALSE.

Exercise science tells us that strength training improves our effectiveness at conditioning. As an example, exercise studies show that marathon athletes improve their times with strength training!

Strength training keeps us healthier by strengthening our bones and joints, by maintaining muscle mass, preventing injury, delaying aging-related bone loss, and decreasing diabetes and hypertension.

If I need to lose weight, shouldn’t I only be conditioning?

While conditioning can burn more calories in a given workout, increasing muscle density  actually increases your basal metabolic rate which means that you burn more calories at rest (doing nothing)!!


What if I don’t want to get huge?

Our Strength Training will increase muscle density not size (your muscle is harder, not bigger). It actually takes dedicated eating and specific training to increase muscle mass/size (get super swole!).

What if I do want to get huge?

All in Motion can help you with that too!

Is it safe?
Our SGST classes are semi-private and personalized. These classes have a maximum of 8 people so that you receive close instruction from our trainers. We monitor your form, prevent injuries and guide your progress.

Well, based on all this information, do I really need conditioning?

You sure do. 

Conditioning is what keeps our hearts and lungs healthy! At All in Motion we change every single one of our conditioning workouts so that your heart and lungs do not accommodate to the exercise and your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness level is always going in an upward direction. 

Why do we do it?

At AIM we like to say that we prioritize fitness instead of our financials as we know that the only way to get truly fit and keep people healthy for life is to provide dedicated strength training in addition to conditioning. As an added benefit, we really get to know our neighbors and support each other in our small group sessions!   

Come join the All in Motion community!

Your West Loop Neighborhood Gym.

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