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After you fill out our short application, you'll have the chance to book your (again, 100% free) 1-1 consultation with Robin - one of our head trainers here. 


This meeting is to get introduced and learn more about your health and wellness journey up to this point. We then use this information to structure your first session with us - that way you can rest assured your experience will be catered to you and your specific circumstances. 

For everyone's convenience, all 1-1 consultations are conducted via Zoom. Just find the time that works best for you, click schedule, and BOOM! You're done!

We look forward to meeting you!

*By submitting your application, you consent to be contacted by All In Motion with information regarding your consultation, upcoming classes, and studio news.

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100% money back guarantee

We understand choosing a studio is a big decision (and there's certainly no lack of options in Chicago). So we decided to put our money where our mouths are. If you're not happy with your experience at the end of our 30-day program, we'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. No games.

custom fitness blueprint strategy session

Before any goal can be achieved, there has to be a plan put in place to achieve it. This is a personal, 1-1 strategy session where we create a game plan completely custom to you based on your unique situation.

1-1 Foundational training

1-1 training allows for the max amount of personal attention possible. For those in the beginning stages of their fitness journey. These sessions are 30 minutes long to build a strong foundation before jumping into strength and conditioning classes.

12x strength or conditioning small group classes

These are our two most popular classes for a reason. Our strength and conditioning small groups never go through the same workout twice. You get a whopping 12 classes in your first 30 days - so sign up for whichever you like!


Michelle Mark

This is such a wonderful gym. The trainers are all seasoned professionals; they are very attentive to form and are really good at providing modifications. The gym equipment is clean and well cared for. I take the conditioning classes which incorporate a lot of strength building, and I am always drenched in sweat and super happy at the end of every class.

Michael Henderson ALL IN MOTION REVIEW PFP.png

Michael Henderson

My favorite gym in Chicago. The owners take great pride in their facility as shown by its cleanliness and the quality of equipment. The schedule is a thoughtful balance between conditioning and strength, with no two workouts alike. You have access to everything from kettlebells, to rowers, to squat racks, to stationary bikes, to TRX (the list goes on). There is noticeable attention to detail with calculated emphasis on specific muscle activation to maximize performance and recovery. Other than the trainers and facility, what really separates AIM from other gyms is the community aspect. This isn’t a high-volume gym. With workout classes topping at 5 enrollees, you won’t be standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow classmates — who happen to be normal, charismatic people with a passion for fitness.



Shannon Weiner

If you need a gym in the West Loop look no further than AIM! I always have a good workout, never repetitive, and am encouraged by the awesome trainers and great community. AIM makes having a fitness routine easy and (gasp!) enjoyable!


*Eligible for 100% refund after program completion

There are plenty of reasons that set us apart from other studios. The quality and expertise of our trainers, the personal attention provided in our small group classes, and our state-of-the-art facility make it clear that we are not your average gym. But ultimately, what makes us truly unique is you!


The community at All In Motion is second to none. That's why we are 100% confident once you've conquered our 30-DAY JUMP START PROGRAM, you'll be happy with your experience. If you are unsatisfied, just let us know and we will not hesitate to refund 100% of your payment. No questions asked.


If you've come this far, it can only mean one thing: you're ready for change.

Congratulations, because many people never even make it to this point.

Believe it or not – believing is the biggest hurdle to climb.

You can't reach any goal without forming a strategy to achieve it -

and the fact you're on this page means you've already begun!

Now comes the fun part - taking your fitness goals and working backward to come up with a routine truly unique to you. That's exactly what we're here for. AIM has helped hundreds of people in the area look and feel the way they've always wanted to. We're able to offer our friends in the West Loop unrivaled personal attention due to the size of our classes. Our strength classes never exceed 8 people per session, enabling us to provide every person the attention they need to reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We know you have plenty of options in our beautiful city, so we want to, first of all, thank you for considering our local studio to begin your fitness journey. We created our 30-DAY JUMP START program to make sure you get the best experience possible at our studio, without any financial risk. This program has everything you need to begin seeing and feeling real change in just 30 days.

We can't wait to meet you!

-Robin, Amy, and Theresa

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