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All in Motion is a welcoming environment for all fitness levels. A.I.M. is geared to enhance everyone’s performance whether you are a top athlete, are just starting your fitness journey or have limitations.  We want our members to enjoy coming to the gym and never ever feel intimidated.


AIM has two fundamental pillars that form our identity:  Small group strength training (SGST) and Conditioning.


At All in Motion, it is a competition, but you compete against yourself and the finish line is a healthy life.


Challenge the athlete in you with a blood pumping, calorie burning full body interval workout. Improve your metabolic rate; monitor performance in real time using MyZone®; and obtain effective EPOC (“after burn").


Maximum six member structured private group that is progressive and involves lifting, pushing and pulling weights through a series of controlled body mechanics.

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What We Do

All in Motion is a Trainer and Physician owned fitness facility that provides not just trend setting but scientific based workouts. Our class sizes max at 6 people (strength) and 10 people (conditioning). Our workouts in Phase 3 are available outdoors and on a virtual ZOOM platform. Phase 4 will add our indoor classes including our Small Group Strength Classes that have ALWAYS been maxed at 6 people per trainer.  Our staff also provides complimentary personal assessments of body composition including body fat/muscle mass percentage. A.I.M. also specializes in individualized private instruction. All our trainers are certified to industry standards and look forward to building a fitness relationship with ALL of our members! All in Motion also services corporate venues. Let one of our trainers bring fitness to your employees! Please contact us for more information.



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112 S Sangamon St . Chicago IL 60607

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112 S Sangamon St . Chicago IL 60607


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